Los Angeles, the City in Cinema: Her (Spike Jonze, 2013) / Colin Marshall / 2014

Los Angeles, the City in Cinema: Her (Spike Jonze, 2013) / Colin Marshall / 2014


01:22 ⨂ Los Angeles County Metro Light Rail System

"I was looking to create a kind of believability about the urbanism of L.A. as well as its potential," says McFetridge. It's an optimistic final product, imagining a city easily navigable by train. A place, he says, "where things are easier." ➡︎

01:33 ✖︎ Hollywood/Western Station

01:50 ✖︎ Dockweiler State Beach

02:24 ✪ Urban infusion

For most people, who probably weren’t paying that much attention, it probably felt contiguous enough. But I think it said a lot about a kind of monocultural, globalized future, where buildings all more or less look the same. It’s very generic space. In the end, though, it’s not so much about a particular locale. It’s about the way people interact with each other and watching this central character doing what we do every day: talk to our devices in public space. ➡︎

02:32 ✖︎ Pudong district, Shanghai

“In Shanghai in Pudong, they have these elevated walkways so you can go from building to building without ever having to cross an intersection,” Mr. Barrett said. “Already, that gave us a bit of a future slant, feeling like we’re comfortable pedestrians within the urban grid.” ➡︎

03:16 ✖︎ Walt Disney Concert Hall / Frank Gehry / 2003

04:31 ✪ Cars of the future

"One of the first things I said in designing Her was, 'I don't want to show any cars.'" says Barrett. "It's another gesture of going away from technology. When you look at any film from any time period and see a car, you can place it right to the year." ➡︎


 Guide to Los Angeles sites in 'Her'


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