Moby Talks LA Architecture / 1883 Magazine / 2012

Moby Talks LA Architecture / 1883 Magazine / 2012


0:42 ✖︎ Helios House / Johnston Marklee / Office dA / 2007

0:58 ✖︎ The Getty Villa

1:33 ✖︎ Ennis House / Frank Lloyd Wright / 1924

It has the same otherworldly quality I hear in this techno anthem from Derrick May, and on an aesthetic level they remind me of each other. ➡︎

2:04 ✖︎ Hollywood Seventh-Day Adventist Church / Robert Burman / 1962

Burman had plans for a more open structure that included courtyards and a friendlier texture to the walls, but budget restrictions and an increase in the needs of the church led to the current bunker configuration. Like many modernist architects, Burman is fascinated with such basic elements of building as structure and light, perhaps at the expense of a concern for how the building fits into the neighborhood. The result is a modern structure, isolated in its purpose and its design. The Seventh-day Adventist Church is a great building to drive by, but I am not sure I would want to live near it. ➡︎

2:34 ✖︎ Watts Towers / Simon Rodia / 1954

3:06 ✖︎ Villa Carlotta

Known to its inhabitants as either “The Villa” or “The Carlotta,” the building has since teetered between glory and ruin. A neighbor might vanish and reappear as the opening act at the MTV awards. Another might drop out of sight only to have the manager find his body when rent went unpaid. Its builder called it “the last word in luxury,” but over the years it grew into a West Coast Chelsea Hotel, bedraggled and bohemian and all the cooler for it. Jim Morrison is said to have crashed there in the 60s. Singer-songwriter Rickie Lee Jones was a longtime resident. It was a way station on the road to making it, or not. Neil Patrick Harris lived here, post–Doogie Howser; so did Michael Biehn, post The Terminator. Quentin Tarantino tried to rent the apartment across the hall from me as a writer’s retreat few years back. The manager turned him down. ➡︎

3:44 ✖︎ The Gamble House / Charles & Henry Greene / 1908


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