Red Bull: Kaleidoscope / Ben Scott / 2015

Red Bull: Kaleidoscope / Ben Scott / 2015


Kyle says the film’s unique visual look was initially inspired by the idea of a ramp-filled revolving room in the vein of Christopher Nolan film Inception.


“We had a model that was built and it was honestly like they had just shrunk you down and you were inside the model walking about, it was so surreal. It was one massive dream of mine coming true. The film is about me riding this near-impossible skate park - to me it’s the skate park of my dreams.” ➡︎

Kyle debuted a slew of new tricks in the video, many of which he’d never tried before he did them on camera. Many of the tricks took hours for him to land and resulted in bruise-inducing crashes and motion sickness from the moving pieces. “It was like learning how to ride a bike again because everything was moving,” Kyle says. “It looks like optical illusions. People watch the video and they’re like, ‘Is that real?’ The answer is yes, I did everything in that video. It’s 100 percent real.”

“The finished film is surprisingly similar to the computer pre-visualization that I did before we started filming,” says Scott. “Because of its complexity we had to be really well prepared. Having said that Kriss really pushed his riding and constantly surprised me in what he was capable of doing.” ➡︎

I started doing a lot of research into optical illusions, including the work of MC Escher, the Penrose Triangle, and a fantastic painting by Magritte called Le Blanc Seing. I looked at all of these different references and how they could be woven together. Those optical illusion artworks are often very angular, so I also had to figure out how I could turn them into circular things so that Kriss could ride on them. ➡︎

I went up to Unit 23 in Dumbarton, and spent a month working with Kriss on the designs. I would show him a drawing and he would look at it and work out what he could do on it. A lot of the time he would say: It looks cool but I can’t ride it. So we would throw that one away and start again. I knew we had something great when Kriss started drawing and I would say: it looks awesome but we can’t build it! Somewhere in the middle of all that we came up with about 14 designs that we went with. There are some that were just beyond us, but who knows... maybe we will get to have another go? ➡︎


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